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Friendly Faces Senior Care is the leading provider of home care services Houston, TX for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our focus on loved ones with cognitive impairments is meant to help grant families peace of mind. The world can be a dangerous place for anyone, but the chances of accidents increase when your mental capabilities aren’t functioning at 100% capacity. The idea of leaving an impaired loved one to their own devices can be pretty unsettling.

If you’ve ever panicked about the idea of your senior family member getting lost, locking themselves out of their house, or starting a fire in their kitchen, you’re not alone. Mundane tasks can be complex for individuals with dementia – finishing a conversation or following a recipe can feel as titanic of a burden as pushing a car uphill. Some may think that a caring family member may be overreacting by jumping to such conclusions and bizarre scenarios.

Unfortunately, the possibility of a dangerous event occurring with them is far greater than zero. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable with your loved one living alone, especially if they suffer from a progressive, degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s. It would be much easier if you trusted someone to watch over them and guide them through their daily routines. But how can you find high-quality, dependable care that you can afford?

home care services Houston, TX

Our home care services Houston, TX will give you peace of mind.

Friendly Faces Senior Care Steps Up to the Challenge

Qiana James, our founder and CEO administrator, created Friendly Faces Senior Care in 2010 to bring elderly clients the love and care they deserve. Our agency provides home care services Houston, TX for both seniors and Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. We want our clients to remain comfortable in the familiar setting of their own homes and maintain a degree of independence. Our home health aides allow seniors to gracefully age in place with dignity and respect.

Our care services include meal preparation, eating, medication pick up and reminders, and light housekeeping. One of our team members can assist with laundry, errands, shopping, and transportation. Their personal care extends to bathing, grooming, dressing, and incontinence. We offer evening tuck-in and morning wake-up services for seniors who are nervous about being left at night.

A team member’s help doesn’t stop at daily living tasks; our caregivers provide companionship for clients. We hire only the most friendly and compassionate caregivers to work in homes because we want their clients to create meaningful bonds with them. Your caretaker isn’t just someone to help you make dinner – they can also participate in your favorite hobbies, such as playing chess or completing jigsaw puzzles.

Social Interaction

Our caregivers can also help seniors participate in social networking and activities. This is crucial because, as certain forms of dementia progress, seniors may find themselves withdrawing more from events or gatherings. A Friendly Faces Senior Care team member can help them step out of their comfort zone and enjoy the perks of social interaction for a little while.

Severe, unpredictable mood changes can make working with or even being around Alzheimer’s patients difficult. However, a pervasive feeling of loneliness and isolation often clouds a senior’s mood, worsening their outlook on life. Our team members can provide a proverbial ray of sunshine in their grey skies, offering them comfort, companionship, and a shoulder to lean on when times are tough. Mental wellness is a huge part of overall health care, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

If your loved one is feeling lonely when you’re not around, allow one of our friendly caregivers to visit them at home and brighten their day. Having a helping hand around the house is valuable, but finding someone who genuinely cares and enjoys their work is a special gift. Our home care services Houston, TX bring smiles to senior faces!

home care services Houston, TX

Our certification courses ensure that caregivers are well-trained.

Trained and Certified Caregivers

All of our caregivers who provide home care services Houston, TX are trained in courses offered by The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed). Upon hire, they’re enrolled in various certification courses that cover everything from basic training to illness-specific care guidelines. We’ll briefly describe some of the available courses.

Caregiver Core Certification

This course teaches foundational care skills and serves as the basic level of training needed for a caregiving role. It includes 12 hours of online training featuring essential topics and teaches caregivers how to step into their new job as homemaker companions.

Dementia Care Certification

The Dementia Care course shows caregivers how to deliver outstanding care to clients who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This course is excellent for anyone who wants to better understand person-centered care for individuals with dementia. It includes 23 hours of online training on essential topics.

Post Hospital Care Certification

Preventing re-hospitalization is one of our main goals at Friendly Faces Senior Care, and this course will enhance your understanding of patients with chronic and post-acute conditions. The caregiver will learn the most common conditions that affect each body system. A 17-hour online training section covers observation and rapid intervention necessary to avoid medical emergencies.

home care services Houston, TX

We’ll be the friends your loved one can count on to get through the day.

Our Home Care Services Houston, TX Are The Friendliest!

Your daily life is busy enough without intrusive thoughts that plant worst-case scenarios about your loved ones in your head. Let us ease your mind by offering compassionate, professional care to a beloved senior in your life. Our talented team of caregivers is here to watch over your loved ones and help them physically and mentally cope with the significant changes brought on by Alzheimer’s.

Feel free to visit our FAQ page if you want more information about our services. Our fall risk prevention page also has tips for reducing hazards in your home and preventing fall injuries. For the latest updates on our work, check out our news page or our informative blog.

Call us today to learn more about our excellent home care services Houston, TX.

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