For Social Workers
We aim to assist you with your patients by providing a solution to make your job easier! We too are concerned about the welfare of seniors and connecting them with needed resources while protecting from those who might try to take advantage of their vulnerabilities. Our Friendly Care Managers can work with your clients after discharge to put a care plan in place as well as follow your recommendations so that they get needed assistance from a variety of public and private programs and also provide them with emotional support.
For Discharge Planners/Case Managers
20% of patients experience an adverse event within 30 days of discharge

¾ of these could have been prevented according to research.  At Friendly Faces Senior Care we realize that it is important to you to improve patient outcomes, reduce unplanned readmissions and increase patient satisfaction. Research shows that one of the ways to do this is to effectively coordinate care with the caregiver who will be at home with the patient.  If our agency is chosen to work with your patient one of our friendly care managers will set up a plan of care that includes coordinating with you to get a thorough understanding of instructions that need to be followed once a patient goes home.  After which our internal case manager can stay in touch with you over the next 30 days to report on the progress or digression of the patient and discuss any needed additional care or services that need to be implemented to reduce the risk of readmission.

For Physicians
For those physicians working as geriatricians, geropsychiatrists, neurologists, hospitalists and other disciplines that have senior patients, you often work as a team with other healthcare providers to manage and develop care plans that address the special health problems of the elderly.  For the patients that you refer to us we will strive to be an extension of that team and properly coordinate care so as to keep you informed of pertinent changes with the patient, thus improving patient care, and reducing the risk for unnecessary readmissions.
Director of Nursing
Whether working in a hospital or rehab facility, we understand that nurses and nurse case managers play a pivotal role in reducing readmissions. We also understand that you take the lead role in the delivery of quality patient care.   At Friendly Faces Senior Care we can work with you and your staff during that critical 48 hours to 7 day period after discharge to ensure that your patients are scheduling timely and appropriate follow up visits, taking their medications as prescribed and communicating questions or concerns to you, all with the goal of lowering the risks for readmissions.
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy can help a senior to retain their independence, restore and improve functionality and  boost strength and balance. Although physical therapy is prescribed in many cases following a hospital stay, many seniors fail to follow the home exercise plan after therapy has ended or chose to skip out on physical therapy altogether. Part of our coordination of care efforts are geared towards making sure that your patients are following the recommended discharge plans, including scheduling and completing physical therapy.  Our caregivers are trained to assist seniors with their home exercise regimen as recommended by their assigned physical therapist.