The Family Room is a free, secure family access portal to keep everyone in the know.

Know exactly who and what is going on in the home. 

Today, The Family Room provides family members with information on upcoming schedules, the caregiver team, medications, invoices, and even details down to the tasks that were completed during each shift.

Stay Connected

Create unlimited logins for family members who can see access to the care calendar, notes from past shifts, or even pay or split a portion of the bill. Add to-do items and see who the caregivers are that are coming into the home.

Review Care Logs and Shift Tasks

Family Room users can review completed care logs as well as current shifts in real time, including task updates and voice commentary by the caregiver.

View the Care Calendar

All parties can stay informed about the scheduled care provided from a monthly or weekly view.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

When family members live far apart, the Family Room allows your family to stay informed and confident in the services they receive.

Care Plans and Shift Notes

When the caregiver clocks out, completed tasks and voice notes are updated. These updates are sent to the care coordinator and to the Family Room.

Pay Electronically

No more paper invoices! Family members can split the bill online among other members. They can see past invoices and update credit card info.

Can social workers and discharge planners access The Family Room?

Yes! Anyone with the client’s permission can access the secured family room online. Doctors, social workers and anyone else on the care team can stay informed.