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home care services Sugar Land, TX

Houston home care services Sugar Land, TX help older adults stay safe at home. Contact Friendly Faces Senior Care for more.

When it comes to home care services Sugar Land, TX, Friendly Faces Senior Care has the expertise you need to help your loved one out. We are a home care agency that strives to help seniors get the elderly care they need. Our trained staff can provide professional care to your loved ones and ensure that they live happy, independent lives in the comfort of their own home.

Friendly Faces Senior Care offers both personal care and dementia care to our patients. Our home care services Sugar Land, TX will ensure your senior relative remains in good health and comfort for the rest of their days. Moreover, we work closely with your senior’s doctor, medical professional, nurse, and other care professionals to ensure seniors are following their home health plan.

Friendly Faces Senior Care is committed to providing stability, personal growth, and individual development for your senior. We provide both non-medical senior care services and non-medical disability care services alike. Whether your senior is physically or mentally disabled, our trained staff will be able to help them out. Our trained staff will meet the needs, abilities, and expectations of our seniors and their loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Call our stellar team today to get started. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, serving Sugar Land, TX communities as well as communities all over the Houston area and beyond. Schedule a free consultation with us today for the best home care services you can get!

Get Home Care Services Sugar Land, TX You Need

If your elderly loved one has been struggling for a while in terms of health and mental decline, it can be quite devastating to witness. The senior population is expected to triple by 2050, with dementia patients expected to double by that time.

And of course, there is always the stress of providing care and companionship to your elderly loved ones. In this day and age, everyone is busy and must work long hours or even multiple jobs. Thus, it is difficult, if not impossible, to provide the long-term care your loved one needs.

Retirement homes are always a choice, but these vary wildly in both cost and quality. If you don’t have the funds to afford a good retirement home and high-quality respite care in general, it could lead to subpar care. In short, you may end up dumping your senior in a retirement home that may not provide the adequate care they need.

Fortunately, Friendly Faces Senior Care is here to help. Our home care team is here to provide your senior loved one with high-quality care that can restore them their dignity and enable them to live a happy retirement. We provide a wide range of non-medical home care services. And of course, we make sure to work with medical professionals to make sure your senior is following their care plan.

home care services Sugar Land, TX

Our team works closely with medical professionals to improve patient outcomes and patient health in general. Call us today!

How We Provide Care To Your Loved One

Mental decay and physical mishaps can have tremendous consequences for your elderly loved one. If the hospital has discharged your loved one, then they could suffer unplanned remissions and experience adverse events during their time at home. Around 20% of patients experience an adverse event within 30 days of discharge, and 3/4ths of these could have been easily prevented.

Friendly Faces Senior Care works hard in giving you the services your senior loved ones needs. We team up with discharge planners or case managers to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce unplanned remissions.

Our team strives to optimize seniors’ health during those critical 48 hours to seven-day period after discharge. In addition, our team makes sure patients are scheduling timely follow-up visits, taking prescribed medicine, and communicating all questions and concerns to their qualified medical professionals.

Our staff also lessens the risks of falls through our fall risk reduction program. We can help you and your senior optimize your home space and reduce the risks of falls. Some helpful tips include installing grab bars, using non-slip mats, and installing brighter bulbs to light up your living space. For more information on our expert services, call us today.

home care services Sugar Land, TX

We can provide you with stellar home care services you won’t want to miss. Trust Friendly Faces Senior Care and call today!

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It’s always heartbreaking to see a previously strong and healthy individual decay with the passing of the years. The decay can be even more tragic if your loved one has developed dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., with over five million Americans affected.

In addition, the senior population is extremely vulnerable to falls, affecting one in three adults over the age of 65. Falls contribute to $30 billion in direct medical costs, with 2.3 million non-fatal ER visits in 2010 alone. If your elderly loved one is living alone and unsupported, especially right after a hospital discharge, the chances of them incurring a fall increase drastically.

Friendly Faces Senior Care can prevent the worst of outcomes for our patients. We offer care to both disabled and non-disabled elderly patients alike. We make sure they take their prescriptions and follow their doctor’s plan in general.

In addition, we provide transitional care. If your senior has been recently discharged from the hospital and needs help moving around or doing their necessities.

In addition, Friendly Faces Senior Care works hard to provide educational resources and material in the form of our helpful blog and The Family Room. The latter in particular a free, secure, family access portal that provides information on upcoming schedules, medications, invoices, and other details and tasks.

We are available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call us. All of our staff are licensed, insured, and bonded under Friendly Faces Senior Care. Our home care services Sugar Land, TX are truly outstanding, so call today!

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, TX:

  • It was founded as a sugar plantation in the mid-1800s.
  • Sugar Land was incorporated in 1959.
  • It is one of the wealthiest and fastest-growing cities in Texas.