I, once, got a fortune that said, “Every person is the creation of themselves, the image of their own thinking and believing.” What we believe about ourselves is incredibly impactful in our daily lives.  It can affect the choices we make, our relationships and how we interact with others, whether or not we are successful in our chosen career, etc. Our belief about ourselves comes from many sources. Think back to when you were younger, did anyone of influence say things to you that either instilled confidence or insecurities. I bet there are words ringing in your head right now because words people say can stick with us our entire lives. Whether they be positive or negative, those words will influence us. People also project their inward feelings, thoughts and fears outwardly. We may or may not be the source for the things that run through our heads, but we are responsible for how we respond & react to them and how or if we allow them to affect our daily lives.

Our image and beliefs of ourselves shape us and help mold who we become. There is a saying that goes, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right!” Our thoughts are so powerful that they can control our actions and our outcomes. Mhanational.org states that there are many cognitive distortions that can make it easy to “fall into negative thinking.”

A good skill to learn is how to process negative emotions and thoughts before they become destructive. Many find that medication assists with the chemical imbalances that can lead to mental illness.

Mhanational.org has great recommendations to assist with those processing skills and also suggests finding a support group to plug in to.

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