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Friendly Faces Senior Care highly recommends our non-medical in home care services Pearland, TX. We offer several different services for seniors and people with disabilities in and around the Houston area so that they can remain independent and live in their own homes. Our services are designed to be everything seniors, those with disabilities, and their loved ones need to remain comfortable. No matter what type of care is needed, our goal is to help seniors remain as independent and active as possible.

In Home Care Services Pearland, TX

Our non-medical caregivers hold a variety of certifications. Learn more about how you can benefit from In Home Care Services Pearland, TX.

As we mentioned before, our senior care agency in Pearland provides non-medical senior and disability care services. For those that need a little extra help around the house, our services can be a saving grace. Our services also include some of the following:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Medication Pickup & Reminders
  • Social Activities
  • Errands
  • & More

Although most people prefer having someone they know helping around the house, sometimes, that might not be possible. A professional in-home care service can help you out if you want to stay independent without completely relying on someone else. Friendly Faces Senior Care can give you and your family peace of mind by ensuring that you’re not alone at home with no one to help you when you need it most. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our in-home care services.

Professional In Home Care Services Pearland, TX to Give You Peace of Mind

There are many reasons why people need professional in-home care in Pearland. Some common reasons include the following situations:

  • Recovering from an illness or injury
  • Needing help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating
  • Requiring assistance with transportation
  • Being unable to care for oneself due to a cognitive impairment such as dementia

In-home can be a great option for people who want to remain in their own homes but need some extra help. It can provide peace of mind for both the individual and their family members, knowing that there’s someone there to provide assistance and support.

Our non-medical services help seniors or those with disabilities maintain their independence and quality of life. As mentioned before, our services include light housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, errand running, transportation, and companionship. For those who need some extra help around the house, these services will be of great service. It can take off some of the day-to-day burdens, allowing them to focus on other matters.

In Home Care Services Pearland, TX

Our caregivers are ready to provide you with the In Home Care Services Pearland, TX you need to stay independent.

For example, grocery shopping and errand running can ensure that you have the necessary food supplies, along with any other necessary items, without leaving your home. Transportation services are great for those who can’t drive, allowing them to get to doctor’s appointments, social activities, and other important places.

Finally, having someone else in the house can provide you with someone else to talk to, spend time with, and enjoy life with. After all, being stuck in the house with only the occasional visitor can make anyone feel isolated or lonely after a time.

Learn About Our Fall Risk Reduction Program

As we grow older, we grow weaker and become more susceptible to slipping and falling. About one in three seniors fall each year, causing both fatal and nonfatal injuries. For example, they can cause broken bones, hip fractures, and head injuries in the worst-case scenarios.

Friendly Faces Senior Care has a Fall Risk Reduction Program that helps you assess any fall-risk areas in your home. Falls are totally preventable, and our team can help you reduce the chances of them happening. After you schedule an assessment, we’ll come and point out issues that can cause you to fall.

If necessary, we also have several other tips that can further reduce the chances of you falling in your own home when no one’s around to help. For example, removing clutter and tripping hazards, such as loose carpets or slippery throw rugs, can reduce the chance of missing or catching your footing.

Another way to make your home safer is to install grab bars and handrails strategically so that you have something to steady your footing if you feel yourself falling. If you have any further questions, check out our frequently asked questions page.

Stay In Touch with Everything that Our In-House Care Provides

Our in home care services Pearland, TX exist so that you and your family members have peace of mind knowing that there’s someone to accompany you even when you live away from them. However, we also have something called The Family Room that allows you and your family members to stay connected with us. The Family Room is a free family access portal that easily keeps everyone that needs to know in the know.

This access portal provides information about upcoming schedules, the caregiver team working with you, necessary medications to remind you about, invoices, and even details like what tasks were completed during each shift. The portal allows you and your family to create unlimited logins for family members, so everyone can log in and check what’s going on with our services at any time. You can even add social workers, doctors, and discharge planners – so long as the client has given permission, anyone can access the secured family room via online access.

In Home Care Services Pearland, TX

Get the peace of mind you want and need with our team. Call us today for a free consultation about our services.

Get the In-Home Care Services You Need from Our Team

Friendly Faces Senior Care works with you, your family, and various other elder care professionals to provide you with the quality in-home care you need. Check out our resources page to better understand what we can help you with. Call our team today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or to ask a question. We’re based in Houston, so we can come and provide our in home care services Pearland, TX wherever you are in the surrounding areas of the city.

Pearland, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The Pearland community used to be called Mark Belt.
  • The name “Pearland” was coined after the number of pear trees that used to grow in the area.
  • However, the Galveston Hurricanes of 1900 and 1915 destroyed all of the fruit trees in the area.