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The best alternative to expensive assisted living for elderly and disabled patients is home care near me Bellaire, TX. Friendly Faces Senior Care offers compassionate and friendly non-medical services for those who need a bit of extra help throughout their day. Living alone can be quite a challenge for many seniors. Some of them may live with other family members, but those family members may not always be able to devote every minute of their day to care for their loved ones.

Therefore, they may need a bit of extra help. This can include preparing meals, medication reminders, getting dressed, bathing, and other daily tasks. These tasks may seem quite simple to most of us. But to try to help someone with these tasks on a daily basis can take up a lot of time and effort. Not everyone has the time or the ability themselves to help. It can be extremely stressful for other family members and even the patient themselves.

Hiring a caretaker can help take the weight off of family members to help where and when they are needed. Many agencies provide home care near me Bellaire, TX. However, we at Friendly Faces Senior Care will be able to provide the best caretakers who will give family members peace of mind and keep your loved ones happy, healthy, and safe.

home care near me Bellaire, TX

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Find Home Care Near Me Bellaire, TX At Friendly Faces Senior Care

We have provided our caretaker services since 2010. Our team covers patients all over the Houston area, including Fort Bend, Galveston, Brazoria, Montgomery, and Harris Counties. If you are not sure if we can come out to your area, please give us a call. We would love to speak with you to see how we can work with your needs.

Our team loves helping people. The caregivers are passionate about what they do and find every opportunity to continue to train and build their skills. Therefore, they can always ensure the very best quality care for all our clients and their families.

Caregivers are carefully chosen when applying for employment. We take every precaution to ensure that only the best is hired. That way, we know for sure that our client’s health and safety will be in good hands.

When caregivers apply, they must go through a rigorous pre-screening and interview process. They must pass drug tests as well as pass additional random drug tests throughout employment. Caregivers have to go through physiological assessments in addition to abuse registry and criminal background checks.  We also check their references.

It is extremely important that our caregivers go through this process. Our clients and their families count on us to provide professional caregivers that will keep their best interests at heart.

Furthermore, caregivers will have training and education on the following:

home care near me Bellaire, TX

Give your family peace of mind with a home care agency that will care.

  • Fundamental caregiving
  • Education on elderly abuse, how to detect it, and how to prevent it
  • Communication, observation, and reporting skills
  • The ability and willingness to continue and grow their skills
  • Meet client satisfaction and comfort for clients and families

How to Get Involved With Caring For Elderly Family Members

Friendly Faces Senior Care encourages families to be a part of caring for their elderly family members. Therefore, we offer many resources, many of which are free. For instance, we have many resources to help families from different health organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and many other resources. We want to help make this process easier for families. Having to care for a loved one can be difficult, especially if they suffer from physical disabilities, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

The Family Room

The Family Room is another resource we offer for those utilizing our services. For businesses that provide care services of any kind, transparency is of the utmost importance. Families need to know what is going on with their loved ones and who is caring for them. Therefore, to remain as transparent as possible Friendly Faces Senior Care offers The Family Room portal, which allows you and your family to monitor your caregiver’s tasks, what is being done, and who is caring for your elderly family member. Families can add as many login accounts as they want to be able to view and add tasks, make payments, view schedules, and so much more. This portal not only allows for convenience but also provides peace of mind to everyone in the family.

Schedule a Fall Risk Assessment

Along with our many resources and caregiver services, we also provide a Fall Risk Assessment. Falls are quite common among elderly and disabled people. Injuries due to a fall are one of the most common reasons why elderly people are in the emergency room. Many of these falls occur right in their own homes. If they live alone or are unattended for lengthy periods of time, getting proper attention in time can be difficult, resulting in more dangerous situations.

With our Fall Risk Assessment Program, we can help you and your family have peace of mind. An assessor will come to your home and provide an insightful evaluation of the home to point out any risks that your senior family member may encounter. They will also provide notes, solutions, and strategies to help minimize the risk of falls and injuries. These notes and suggestions will all be recorded on an app that family members can review. This app will also have a list of products complete with pricing to help families prepare their home and keep it safe. Schedule your risk assessment today.

We Can Work With Health Care Professionals

Along with family members, our team can work with healthcare professionals. We want to ensure that patients and clients are given the best possible care. Therefore, we work with many elderly care professionals, including doctors, nurses, case managers, therapists, and social workers, to create the best solution for each patient. Our goal is to reduce patient readmission and increase patient satisfaction. We want to be an extension of the medical team to create the best outcome after discharge for patients.

Contacts Us Today

At Friendly Faces Senior Care, we strive to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Giving someone a safe and healthy environment is extremely important to us. We want to work with our clients and their families to preserve their welfare right in their own homes. Give Friendly Faces Senior Living a call for more information about our services for home care near me Bellaire, TX.

home care near me Bellaire, TX

Our service area extends all over the greater Houston area!

Fun Facts for Bellaire, TX

  •  Bellaire is only seven miles from downtown Houston.
  • It has not grown in size since its incorporation.
  • The closest airport is George Bush Intercontinental Airport.