Friendly Faces Senior Care is the best way for seniors to get care for the elderly Sugar Land, TX. The later years of a person’s life should be filled with comfort, support, and warmth, not the stress and loneliness that often come with getting care away from home.

With this idea in mind, we have made it our mission to provide the best non-medical home care services to the old. To learn more about our care for the elderly, visit our helpful blog or FAQ page.

care for the elderly Sugar Land, TX

Our care for the elderly team can ensure the elderly in our communities can live independently with some help.

Why Should You Opt For Our Care for the Elderly Sugar Land, TX?

For many years, elderly homes have been the best way to care for adults. But as the best service to provide care for the elderly, we know that seniors do best when they can stay in their own homes and feel safe and comfortable. A nursing home feels like a prison, but a home setting makes seniors feel less lonely and anxious and, most importantly, improves their quality of life as a whole.

The Best Partner for Elderly Care at Home

Friendly Faces Senior Care is different from other senior care companies because it has a team of highly trained, caring, and dedicated pros. We are in favor of non-medical care for seniors in their own homes in Sugar Land, TX.

Our main goal is to give each client individualized care that goes above and beyond what they expect. We have many services for adults that are meant to help them stay independent while making sure their safety and well-being come first.

We offer a wide range of care services, such as companionship, personal care, food preparation, running errands, and light housekeeping. We know that each senior is different, so we make sure that our services fit the wants of each person. We also have flexible hours, so adults and their families can choose the best times and number of times for them to receive services.

Fall Risk Reduction Program—A Proactive Way to Keep Seniors Safe

At Friendly Faces Senior Care, safety is the most important thing to us. We came up with an innovative Fall Risk Reduction Program because we know that seniors often get hurt when they trip and fall. It’s an important part of all the care we give to seniors in Sugar Land, TX.

care for the elderly Sugar Land, TX

Having the right person to help you care for the elderly will make it easier for your entire family.

How do we reduce the risk of falling?

First, our workers carefully check the home to see if there are any places where someone could trip and fall. This thorough check looks at every part of the house, from the type of floors to the lighting to the way the furniture is arranged. We think that making a safe space is always the first step in protection.

After the home risk assessment, our team does a separate, more in-depth fall risk assessment for each senior. We look at things like side effects of medications, long-term conditions that might make it hard to stay stable or see, recent surgeries or problems with movement aids that might make someone fall.

By doing this, we can learn more about each person’s unique needs and risks. This level of personalized review is very important for making a good plan to lower the risk of falling.

After the exam, we make a unique plan for each senior to lower their risk of falling. This plan includes suggestions for changes that should be made to the person’s home, things that should be done to improve strength and balance, and safe ways to move around.

Some changes that can be made to a home are putting grab bars in the bathroom, making sure all the rooms have enough light, getting rid of rugs and other things that could cause someone to trip, and moving things that are used often to places that are easy to reach.

Because our nurses know how important exercise is for keeping seniors from falling, they not only suggest age-appropriate exercises that help build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and boost balance, but they also do them with the seniors.

These exercises can be simple things that seniors do every day, like walking, stretching, and chair exercises that are meant to help them keep control of their bodies’ stability. The people who are taking care of us know how to make sure that these tasks are done safely.

We make sure that the fall risk reduction plan is always being looked at and changed because we know that a senior’s health and needs can change over time. Our caregivers are always checking to see how our patients’ mobility, strength, and general health are changing. This way, we can make sure that the care we give is as flexible and changing as life itself.

Our Fall Risk Reduction Program at Friendly Faces Senior Care is not just reacting; it aims to make the place safe before accidents happen. We care deeply about giving the old in Sugar Land, TX, excellent care, and that includes making sure they are always safe.

care for the elderly Sugar Land, TX

When it comes to care for the elderly, there are few that can beat us.

Trust Us For Optimal Care For the Elderly

We know that giving someone else care for your loved ones isn’t an easy choice at Friendly Faces Senior Care. We’re grateful that our clients trust us, and we promise to keep that trust by giving them the best care possible.

Friendly Faces Senior Care can help you honor a life well lived with respect, humility, and the best care possible. We are the best choice for home care that isn’t medical. We are more than just a service provider; we are friends on the beautiful journey of senior life. We’re not just an option; we’re your family.

Why wait to get your loved ones the best care for the elderly Sugar Land, TX? Get in touch with us right away at our Houston location, and we’ll bring our warm, helpful care to you. One smile at a time, we’re here to make a difference.

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, TX:

  • Sugar Land was named for the sugar cane that was grown and processed there.
  • It was first built as a sugar estate in the middle of the 1800s and became a city in 1959.
  • Today, the city’s seal shows this past of making sugar by showing sugarcane stalks and a steam locomotive, which stands for the Sugar Land Railway Company.