Friendly Faces Senior Care is the best home care agency Houston, TX. We offer unbeatable non-medical home care services that are meant to improve seniors’ quality of life. For senior care in the comfort of their own homes, we focus on the whole person, putting their physical health, mental health, and sense of dignity first.

A lot of families are now choosing in-home senior care over residential care centers. Several studies have shown that giving seniors care at home improves their mood and helps them get better faster. There are many reasons why you should hire Friendly Faces Senior Care as your home care agency. Visit our blog or FAQ page to learn more about our services.

home care agency Houston, TX

Sending your loved ones to a nursing home is painful. So don’t! Call our home care agency to learn more about at-home care.

How Does Our Home Care Agency Houston, TX Improve Health?

Friendly Faces Senior Care provides personalized, non-medical home care services to improve our clients’ physical and mental health. Everyone knows that home is where memories are made, so we work hard to ensure that every senior we care for can stay in their own house. Our trained nurses help clients with personal care, reminding them to take their medicine, being there for them, keeping the house clean, and running errands, and getting to appointments.

We think every senior has different needs, so we ensure that our services are tailored to each client’s needs. In nursing homes, seniors often have to stick to a strict plan. But our in-home caregivers work around the seniors’ schedules, so they don’t have to change much about their daily lives.

Giving Family Caregivers a Break

Also, our Houston home care agency knows how much stress and pressure family caregivers often feel. Caregivers can get burned out if they must balance personal duties, work obligations, and caring for a loved one. So, we offer respite care services so that family workers can get the much-needed break they need. Giving care to the elderly isn’t easy, and we think that breaks are good for the caregiver’s health and help them keep up the level of care they give.

Friendship and Emotional Support

Being alone is a big problem for adults. Feeling alone can lead to a number of health issues, including depression and worry. Friendly Faces Senior Care offers seniors company, helps them with their hobbies, encourages them to make friends, and is just there to talk. We think that mental support is just as important as physical care because it helps people feel less alone and more positive.

Care That Saves Money

Making the choice to get care for an older family member is hard enough without having to worry about money as well. In-home care services may also be less expensive than living in a private or nursing home. At Friendly Faces Senior Care, we offer high-quality care services that are also affordable because we know that families are tight on cash.

Also, it’s important to note that having a dedicated helper gives seniors and their loved ones peace of mind because they know that they will always have close help and care available.

home care agency Houston, TX

Our home care agency give your loved one all the tools they need to thrive.

How Do We Work With Elderly Care Professionals?

We at Friendly Faces Senior Care think that joint care is an important part of giving seniors complete, high-quality care. In order to do this, we work closely with many different types of elderly care professionals to offer fully integrated home care services.

Our team uses a unique cross-disciplinary method to ensure our clients get the best care possible. They work together with doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals. We talk about important details about the senior’s physical and mental health so that everyone helping with their care is on the same page about their health and what they need.

Physical therapists are very important to our patients because they help us make personalized plans for their recovery. Working with these professionals helps us make sure that seniors get the workouts and routines they need to improve their health, make it easier for them to move around, and stop them from falling.

Working with doctors and other medical professionals is very important for caring for adults’ health. We ensure that medications are given on time, medical appointments are set up, and medical care plans are carried out at home by keeping lines of contact open with these professionals.

Nutritionists are also very important to the health of our clients. Based on their medical condition, they make meal plans for seniors that meet their specific nutritional needs, which improves their general health and makes them live longer.

In the same way, we work together with mental health workers to give our clients strong mental health support and ensure their emotional and psychological needs are met.

We are more than just passive participants in our work with these experts. Our caregivers get training all the time to keep their skills sharp and learn about the newest and best ways to care for seniors. They also criticize and share useful information with these pros so that care plans can be better changed to meet the changing needs of seniors.

We also think that full care for seniors includes more than just medical care and medicine. Along with lawyers, social workers, and financial planners, we help families with the legal, social, and financial parts of elder care.

We think of every senior as an extension of our family. This way of thinking guides how we build strong relationships with people who care for the old so that we can provide a complete, well-coordinated, and family-like care setting. As a professional senior care company, Friendly Faces Senior Care, you can count on us to make sure that your loved ones get the best, most complete care. After all, we’re not just a home care company; we’re like family to you.

home care agency Houston, TX

Our home care agency helps improve elders’ quality of life.

Choose the Best Home Care Agency

In short, adult care at home has many advantages. It saves money, gives seniors personalized care that follows their routines, gives family caregivers much-needed breaks, and makes companionship stronger.

As Houston’s top home care agency Houston, TX, Friendly Faces Senior Care provides seniors with unmatched non-medical home services that protect their health, independence, and sense of self-worth. Our team of committed caregivers has had a lot of training to be able to meet all of our clients’ needs. We also work hard to reduce risks through our Fall Risk Reduction program.

You can trust us to take care of your loved ones because, at Friendly Faces Senior Care, we want to help adults keep living the lives they love in the safety and comfort of their homes. Call us at our Houston location today.

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