Our home helpers Pearland, TX is just what your loved one needs! We know that the health and happiness of your loved ones are very important to you here at Friendly Faces Senior Care. As the best non-medical home care service, we are committed to making the lives of seniors better by helping them age in peace and comfort in the comfort of their own houses.

We are happy to offer a wide range of essential services that help seniors stay independent, improve their quality of life, and give their families peace of mind. These services are made possible by our team of highly trained caregivers and personalized care plans. We also offer help and aid for elder care professionals. To learn more, visit our blog or browse our FAQ page.

home helpers Pearland, TX

Our home helpers have the expertise to provide home care.

Why Should You Invest In Home Helpers Pearland, TX For Your Elderly Loved One?

We at Friendly Faces Senior Care think that everyone, no matter their age or health, should be able to live a stress-free life. Our kind and caring caregivers are here to give seniors the support and help they need to stay independent and enjoy life to the best.

We are dedicated to giving every senior client the help they need with their daily tasks, making sure they have a safe and comfortable home setting. This includes everything from making meals and light housekeeping to transportation and medication reminders.

We want to make it easier for families with a hard time juggling their responsibilities with the care needs of an older loved one by providing dedicated non-medical home care services. You can rest easy knowing that your family member is in good hands with Friendly Faces Senior Care and getting the individualized care they need.

Individualized Care Plans

We at Friendly Faces Senior Care know that every senior has different wants and needs. At our company, we take the time to carefully evaluate each person and create care plans that are unique to each person. Our dedicated caregivers make it a point to learn about each senior client’s unique needs, tastes, and goals. This lets us give them the best care and support possible.

With our personalized care plans, seniors get help with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. This ensures that their personal health and self-care needs are met with kindness and respect. In addition, our caregivers are great company, having deep conversations and doing fun activities with us that make us feel like we have a friend and improve our mental health.

Retaining Freedom and Quality of Life

At Friendly Faces Senior Care, one of the main goals of our non-medical home care services is to help seniors keep their freedom and quality of life. We know that getting older has its own problems, but that shouldn’t mean giving up your independence and freedom.

Our aides are trained to help seniors stay as independent as possible and to encourage them to do so. We encourage people to be active in their daily lives by helping them move around and pushing them to take part in hobbies and interests. Our caregivers are here to provide company and support so that seniors can continue to enjoy what they love, whether gardening, playing cards, or going for a walk.

home helpers Pearland, TX

Our home helpers give your loved one all the tools they need to thrive.

How Do We Prevent Falls?

For us at Friendly Faces Senior Care, we know that falls are a big risk and worry for older people. A report from the National Council on Aging says that falls are the main reason why older people get hurt and die.

For that reason, we created a full Fall Risk Reduction program to reduce the chance of falls and ensure our older clients are safe and healthy. This piece will talk about our strategies for preventing falls and give you useful tips for keeping yourself from falling at home.

Our trained home helpers Pearland, TX start our Fall Risk Reduction program with a full review of the person’s risk of falling. Balance, strength, mobility, medications, environmental dangers, and other things that can make someone fall are all looked at in this test. By figuring out each person’s risk factors, we can make custom fall prevention plans that meet their needs and address their worries.

What are tips to minimize the risk of falls?

Making changes to your home and making it a safe place to live is very important for avoiding falls. Our caregivers are trained to find potential dangers in the home and make the required changes to lower the risk of falls. Here are some ideas:

  • Get rid of the mess and make sure there are clear paths all over the house.
  • Don’t trip over loose blankets; tie them down or remove them.
  • To get extra help, put grab bars in the bathroom and by the stairs.
  • Add more light to places that aren’t well-lit to make things easier to see.
  • Put bars on both sides of the stairs.
  • In the bathroom and shower, use mats that won’t slip.

To keep your balance and flexibility, which are important for avoiding falls, you need to do strength training and exercise regularly. Our caregivers help seniors come up with exercise plans that are right for them based on their skills and needs. Walking, tai chi, and yoga are all exercises that can help you gain balance, strength, and rhythm, which can make you less likely to fall.

Side effects of some medicines, like feeling sleepy or dizzy, can make you more likely to fall. Our caregivers help seniors track their drugs by ensuring they are taken as directed and reminding them when it’s time. We also work with medical workers to review medications and make any necessary changes to lower the risk of falling.

home helpers Pearland, TX

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Get in Touch With Our Home Helpers

Finally, Friendly Faces Senior Care provides a wide range of non-medical home care services. Our goal is to give seniors caring support, help them stay independent, and improve their health and well-being in their own houses. We are committed to providing the best care for seniors possible by using highly trained workers, making personalized care plans, and putting safety and quality of life first.

Contact our team at one of our Houston locations if you need reliable, caring home helpers. We’re here to give your loved ones the help and support they need to age with grace and respect in the comfort of their homes.

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  • Pearland is a city in Texas on the Gulf Coast that is quickly growing and known for its lively community and long past.
  • Pearland has grown a lot in recent years and now has over 120,000 people living there. It is one of the fastest-growing towns in the state.
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