As the best home senior care Houston, TX has to offer, Friendly Faces Senior Care is dedicated to putting the needs of our clients first in order to provide them with the best care possible. Our goal has been the same for many years: to make sure that seniors in Houston feel loved, cared for, and warm in the comfort of their own houses.

Our name comes from knowing a lot about the special needs of seniors and the worries that spouses, children, and other loved ones have about their elderly loved ones. Because of this, we ensure our clients get the help they need to stay independent and healthy and partner with elderly care professionals to ensure optimal care. Visit our blog or FAQ page to learn more; when you’re ready, call us at our Houston location today!

home senior care Houston, TX

Our home helpers give your loved one all the tools they need to thrive. Our excellent home senior care is here, so call us!

Why Should You Choose Home Senior Care Houston, TX?

What kind of setting is used for senior care makes a huge difference in how well it works. Giving adults loving care in a place they know and feel at ease improves their mental and emotional health.

These four strong reasons show that home senior care is a good idea.

Customized Health Care

Personalized care for seniors at home is based on each person’s needs. It’s hard for private care homes to give each person this much attention because they must care for more seniors. At Friendly Faces Senior Care, we make a care plan for each senior that is tailored to their unique needs.

Greater Freedom

With home senior care Houston, TX, seniors can keep their freedom, which is good for their health and sense of self-worth. They can do their best things, stick to their routines, and move around freely in their own homes. This freedom helps them keep their physical skills and makes them more likely to interact with others.

Wellness of the Mind

Seniors’ mental health is better when they are cared for at home. Being in a place you know well can be comfortable, surrounded by things that remind you of happy times and memories. We at Friendly Faces Senior Care help seniors keep their mental stability by giving them caring, one-on-one care.

Value for Money

Home care for seniors can be affordable, despite what most people think. It gets rid of the costs that come with living in a house, like food and lodging. At Friendly Faces Senior Care, you only pay for the hours of care you need. This care is made to fit a range of prices while still providing high-quality care.

What We Do

Friendly Faces Senior Care provides non-medical care for seniors in their own homes. Our services are broken up into different groups so that we can meet the wants of all seniors.

Important Personal Care

We help with important daily tasks like bathing, grooming, dressing, keeping clean, going to the bathroom, making meals, reminding people to take their medications, and feeding.

Light housework tasks

Additionally, our nurses take care of light housework like general cleaning, laundry, and ironing, shopping, and organizing. This way, seniors can enjoy a clean space without worrying about it.

Services for Companions

Seniors often feel lonely and alone, which is a big problem. We provide company by talking, reading aloud, sharing hobbies, playing games, and being there for seniors emotionally.

Getting Around and Running Errands

We go with seniors on errands, medical meetings, social events, and visits to family or friends, ensuring they are safe when not at home.

We know how hard and stressful it can be to find the right babysitter for your loved ones. That’s why at Friendly Faces Senior Care, we ensure that all of our workers have a lot of experience and undergo a tough screening process. They have been trained to give your elderly loved one the kind of friendly, caring care that they deserve.

home senior care Houston, TX

Our senior home care for elderly family members is tailored to your family.

What Is Our Fall Risk Reduction Program?

Too often, the things our old loved ones must do to stay alive become dangerous. Seniors are mostly worried about falling because it can hurt them badly or worsen their quality of life. We care about the safety of seniors at Friendly Faces Senior Care, so we’re happy to offer a full Fall Risk Reduction Program as part of our home senior care.

Our Fall Risk Reduction program is based on the idea that keeping older people from falling is vital for their health and safety. The program uses a two-pronged method to eliminate or reduce things in the home that could cause seniors to fall and improve their overall strength and balance.

As the first step in the program, we do a full home safety check. Our team looks for things that could cause people to trip, like loose floors, too much stuff, bad lighting, and bathrooms that aren’t safe. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are safe, so once the risks are known, we suggest changes and make them when necessary.

Along with making homes safer for people who use wheelchairs, the program focuses on exercises that boost strength, balance, and coordination. As part of the service, seniors can get personalized exercise plans that are meant to help them stay busy and build muscle. These workouts also help you respond and recover faster if you lose your balance quickly, which lowers your risk of falling.

home senior care Houston, TX

Quality home senior care can improve the life of your elderly loved one.

Our program to lower the risk of falls for seniors does more than just keep them safe; it also boosts their confidence. Seniors feel more comfortable getting around independently when they don’t have to worry about falling. This not only makes their life better, but it also makes the care we give better overall.

The Friendly Faces Senior Care Promise Excellent Home Senior Care

We care about more than just making sure seniors are safe and comfy. We also want to improve our clients’ lives and give them the tools and resources they need to be happy in their own houses. As the top company for home senior care, we promise that your loved ones will get only the best, most considerate care.

Giving your loved ones care at home is a very important decision. There is peace of mind with Friendly Faces Senior Care because you know your loved ones are in good, safe, and friendly hands. Be a part of the Friendly Faces Senior Care family, where kindness, care, and comfort are at the heart of everything we do.

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