When it comes to homecare services Bellaire, TX for the elderly, no one does it better than Friendly Faces Senior Care, which serves the Greater Houston area. Our seniors should be able to maintain their independence and respect, and we can make that a reality for them. To find out how you can help loved ones who are elderly and in need of care, give us a call.

homecare services Bellaire, TX

Our homecare services Bellaire, TX set us apart from the rest.

The Critical Role Our Incredible Homecare Services Bellaire, TX Can Play

Because our homecare services are tailored to the needs and concerns of seniors, they are the best way to care for elderly folk. People with ailments like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can improve their physical and emotional health with personalized care from our trained caregivers. Our services can keep seniors safe in their homes by installing grab bars and removing things that could cause them to trip.

In-home care is very important for older adults with a variety of long-term illnesses. For example, our caregivers know everything there is to know about diabetes and may be able to provide specialized care, such as keeping an eye on dietary and physical needs. All older people with diabetes should be able to expect better health because of our services.

Our homecare services are also very useful for making sure that people who are recovering from surgery or having trouble moving around can do so easily. Caretakers are very important to our organization because they help seniors with their daily tasks and give them the emotional and practical support they need to stay out of the hospital and heal at home.

Beyond what is typically expected from a senior care company, Friendly Faces Senior Care provides exceptional homecare services. Our caregivers are essential for a secure, pleasant, and joyful senior living experience because they address the specific and multifaceted needs of the elderly.

Can We Assist the Elderly Suffering from Dementia?

With our experience with home healthcare comes experience with taking care of people with dementia. Our aides have the option of going through a tough 23-hour training program called Dementia Care Certification. After getting this license, they can give great care to people with dementia or Alzheimer’s illness with ease.

Person-centered care is at the heart of what we do, which means we really understand the unique problems and needs of people with dementia. Our employees are better able to do their jobs because they’ve had this specialized training, and we create an environment where people with dementia feel understood and supported.

When it comes to caring for those with dementia, the licensed caregivers here at Friendly Faces Senior Care are both astute and kind. Because of this, our homecare services are incredibly helpful for families coping with such illnesses.

Homecare Services Made Better with Certifications

homecare services Bellaire, TX

Our staff has access to great courses and certifications.

In order to improve our homecare services, our caregivers have access to a number of qualifications. These include certificates for multiple sclerosis care and Parkinson’s care. With these credentials in hand, our caregivers are better able to assist those living with these challenging ailments.

Getting certain certifications isn’t the only thing we require when we judge care quality. It’s great to work with caregivers who are not only skilled but also friendly and willing to help. To ensure they give the best care, they are closely watched and undergo a lot of training. This lets our company give seniors with a wide range of medical conditions the specialized care they need.

Our Company Offers Additional Tools and Programs

Friendly Faces Senior Care goes above and beyond the norm in caregiving by giving our clients useful tools that improve their health. The main goal of our program, the Fall Risk Reduction Initiative, is to help seniors with a matter that can cause long-term problems.

Our Fall Risk Reduction Program: What makes it worthwhile?

Because falls can be extremely dangerous, our method not only finds potential dangers but also comes up with ways to reduce their impact. By getting rid of things that could cause people to trip and installing grab bars, we can make the area safer and help elders stay independent.

You’ll love our safe online portal, The Family Room, which lets everyone stay in touch and up-to-date. This savvy app lets family members see caregivers’ schedules, details, and the tasks they finish during each shift. The layout of the Family Room makes it possible for family members, caregivers, and specialists to work together without any stress.

Caretakers of the Elderly Can Also Benefit from Our Services

Friendly Faces Senior Care makes a difference by both caring for seniors directly and helping other people who work in the same field. Our services are here to help you and your patients, no matter what your job is in healthcare. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, social worker, discharge manager, or physical therapist, we aim to be helpful to you.

homecare services Bellaire, TX

Partner with us!

When a client leaves the hospital, our friendly care managers work with elder care workers to make a plan for ongoing care and offer emotional support. Discharge planners benefit from our work together to cut down on unplanned readmissions. We make sure that doctors who work with older patients can easily get in touch with us and coordinate their care. This makes us an extension of their team.

Director of Nursing staff is very grateful for our help during the important time after discharge when it is their main job to make sure that patients keep their appointments and take their medications as prescribed. The physical therapists who work with our seniors after they leave the hospital really appreciate how important it is for our nurses to make sure that our seniors follow their home exercise plans.

Contact Us Right Away

Those in need of first-rate senior care can rely on Friendly Faces Senior Care because of our dedication to teamwork and our ability to coordinate efficient solutions. Our homecare services are reliable, so don’t hesitate to call us. We can answer any question you may have!

Fun Facts about Bellaire, Texas:

  • Since the 1950s, the Bellaire Broiler Burger restaurant has been a beloved part of the community.
  • The Evergreen Pool in Bellaire is a popular place for people to cool off in the hot Texas summers.
  • The city is often called the “City of Homes” because it is mostly made up of homes, with streets lined with trees and neighborhoods that are great for families.