Friendly Faces Senior Care serves the Greater Houston area by providing exceptional homecare services The Woodlands, TX for elderly patients. Our elders deserve to keep hold of their comfort and dignity, and through us, that is possible. Call us if you’d like to discover a solution for family members in need of senior care services.

Why Our Amazing Homecare Services The Woodlands, TX Are Essential

When it comes to senior care, our homecare services are the most important because they meet the unique needs and problems that older people face. Our trained caregivers offer individualized support to people with illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia, ensuring their safety and mental health. Our services save the lives of seniors who are at risk of falling by helping them safely get around their homes, putting grab bars, and removing things that could cause them to trip.

homecare services The Woodlands, TX

We provide high-quality homecare services The Woodlands, TX.

Senior care at home is becoming essential for many people who have a lot of different long-term illnesses. For instance, our caregivers are trained to not only know everything there is to know about diabetes, but they can also provide expert care for things like keeping track of exercise and food needs. The goal of this targeted service is to improve the health of all elders with diabetes.

They also play a big role in making sure that people who are recovering from surgery or having trouble moving around have a smooth move. The people who work for us as caregivers are very important because they help seniors with daily responsibilities and give them the support they need to stay out of the hospital and heal in comfort.

Our in-home senior care services are designed to meet each person’s specific needs, helping them stay independent and healthy. This includes managing long-term conditions or helping them get better.

The homecare services of Friendly Faces Senior Care go above and beyond the norm. They meet older people’s unique and complex needs, making them necessary for a safe, comfortable, and happy senior living experience.

How Can We Help Elders with Dementia?

In addition to providing the best homecare services possible, we also have a lot of experience caring for people with dementia. Our aides go through a tough 23-hour training program called Dementia Care Certification. This license gives them the skills to give great care to people who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Person-centered care is at the heart of our method, which means that we really understand the special needs and problems that people with dementia face. This special training makes our workers better at their jobs and creates an atmosphere of understanding and support for people dealing with dementia.

Our licensed caregivers at Friendly Faces Senior Care are very knowledgeable and caring when it comes to dementia care. This makes our homecare services a great help for families dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Boundless Certifications Improve the Quality of Our Homecare Services

Our caregivers have access to a variety of certifications, such as Multiple Sclerosis Care Certification and Parkinson’s Care Certification, to help us provide better homecare services. These certifications give our caregivers the expert skills they need to give great care to people with these difficult conditions.

homecare services The Woodlands, TX

Our employees are trained extensively.

We care about quality in more ways than just getting certain certifications. We’re proud to hire caregivers who are skilled workers and kind people who can help. They undergo a lot of training and are regularly checked on to ensure they provide the best care possible. Friendly Faces Senior Care ensures that elders with a wide range of health problems get the expert and caring help they need by hiring caregivers with many different certifications.

Offering Additional Tools and Programs

Friendly Faces Senior Care goes above and beyond standard care by giving our clients useful tools and programs that improve their health and happiness. The goal of our Fall Risk Reduction Program is to help elderly adults with a common issue.

Why is our Fall Risk Reduction Program useful?

Falls can have very bad effects, and our program not only figures out what those risks are but also puts plans in place to lower them. By getting rid of things that could cause seniors to trip and putting grab bars, we make the area safer for them and protect their independence.

On top of that, our secure online portal, The Family Room, acts as a central hub for contact and real-time updates. This clever tool lets family members know about care schedules, caregiver details, and jobs that were finished during each shift. The Family Room’s openness encourages family members, caregivers, and experts to work together, which gives everyone peace of mind and ensures that seniors get care that considers all of their needs.

We Can Help Elder Care Professionals as Well

Friendly Faces Senior Care helps not only by giving direct care but also by working with and supporting other people who work in the elder care field. Our services are designed to make your job easier and help patients get better, no matter if you’re a doctor, social worker, discharge manager, physical therapist, or director of nursing.

homecare services The Woodlands, TX

Call now.

For social workers, our friendly care managers work with clients after they’ve been released from the hospital to make care plans and offer mental support. Our attempts to coordinate to cut down on unplanned readmissions help discharge planners. Doctors who work with older patients see us as an extension of their team because we make sure there is clear contact and care is coordinated.

Director of Nursing professionals value our help during the important time after discharge when they need to focus on making sure patients keep their appointments and take their medications as prescribed. When physical therapists are making plans for seniors after they leave the hospital, they appreciate the help of our nurses in making sure seniors follow their home exercise plans.

Reach Out to Us ASAP

Friendly Faces Senior Care is committed to working together and coordinating effective solutions, which makes us a useful partner for people looking for top-notch elder care. If you want homecare services you can trust, please give us a call as soon as possible. We are here to answer any questions you may have!

Fun Facts about The Woodlands, Texas:

  • The Woodlands was originally founded in 1974 by George P. Mitchell.
  • The Woodlands is about 30 miles northwest of Houston.
  • The Woodlands Town Center was announced in 1993.