As we grow older, families have to choose between staying together, moving the older folks into an assisted living home, or allowing them to live independently with in home senior care Houston, TX. If your elderly family members want to live out the rest of their lives in a home they’re familiar with, but you’re too busy or too far away, it’s best to rely on senior care services. It will better provide your family with peace of mind.

In Home Senior Care Houston, TX

Our in home senior care team can ensure the elderly in our community can live independently with help.

Friendly Faces Senior Care is one of the best home care agencies in Houston, TX. Our professional and compassionate caregivers can make regular check-ins around¬†your schedule. Whether you would like daily, every other day, weekly, or when you need us, we’ll arrange our schedule to match your family’s needs. During these regular check-ins, we can assist with personal care, daily living necessities, errands, or keep your family company while you’re away.

Best of all, we also work with other elder care professionals, such as your doctors, physical therapists, social workers, etc. We’ll coordinate with their instructions to ensure your family has all the care you need at home. Our home care services extend throughout Houston, so you can call us when you need home health care or something else. We’ll be by at your earliest convenience.

In Home Senior Care Houston, TX

Since longer life expectancy has made it more common for seniors to get care at home instead of in nursing homes, the traditional way of doing it has slowly changed. In home senior care is professional care given to seniors with trouble with day-to-day tasks. Friendly Faces Senior Care has many resources to help you decide if in home senior care is right for your family.

What does “in home senior care” really mean?
This type of care includes various services provided in the senior’s home to improve their physical and mental health and make sure they are as comfortable as possible while receiving care. It usually includes skilled medical care and personal care like bathing and dressing, making meals, cleaning the house, and being with the person. The main goal is to give elderly family members a place to live where they can age with dignity and comfort in a familiar setting.

Why do seniors need care at home?
There are several reasons why seniors need to be cared for at home. To begin, older people are more likely to have health problems that need long-term care. With in-home care, they don’t have to leave the safety of their own home to get this care. Second, in-home senior care encourages personalized, one-on-one care that is specifically made to meet the needst’s wants, andallows the person getting care more to have say over the kind of care they get.

What kinds of seniors need in home senior care?
In home senior care is especially helpful for people who are getting older, have a chronic illness, are healing from a medical setback, or have special needs or disabilities that make it hard for them to take care of themselves. People like this often have trouble with daily tasks like cooking, taking their medicines, grooming, and getting around the house. They need professional help in the safety of their own home.

In Home Senior Care Houston, TX

We’ll work with you to provide In Home Senior Care Houston, TX that your family needs, whether long- or short-term.

What comes with senior care at home?
Seniors can get a wide range of services at home, which are usually customized to meet each client’s specific wants. Help with daily tasks, nutrition counseling, medication reminders and management, and grooming help are examples. More complicated care, such as wound care, physical therapy, and disease management, is also included.

Our Fall Risk Reduction Program

Friendly Faces Senior Care’s Fall Risk Reduction Program is among our best programs. Its goal is to lower the number and intensity of falls among seniors in the community.

Seniors often face a big risk: falls. These accidents can hurt them, make them lose their independence, and make their quality of life much worse. The Fall Risk Reduction Program helps people take the right steps to avoid, control, and lower their fall risks by finding them early on.

The senior’s home is carefully checked for possible fall hazards as part of the program. The senior is also given physical tests to see how frail, balanced, and strong they are. Individualized plans are then made for the senior that consider any health problems that may make them more likely to fall. This program works well and lets your elderly family members live independently in a safe and comfortable place.

Should You Consider the Fall Risk Reduction Program?

Keeping people from falling is a key part of making aging at home healthy and safer. Thinking about Friendly Faces Senior Care’s Fall Risk Reduction Program is important because it takes a strategic approach to senior care. The program boosts seniors’ confidence and helps them age in place in the comfort of their own houses by finding and dealing with the things that put them at risk of falling before they do.

In Home Senior Care Houston, TX

A tailored in home senior care plan can make life more comfortable when you’re older.

This is because seniors are more likely to hurt themselves emotionally as well as physically when they fall. When someone falls, they may become afraid, which makes them less active, which can hurt their physical and mental health even more. With the program, this domino effect can be stopped before it starts, giving seniors and their families much-needed peace during the busy aging process.

Talk To the Senior Care Experts

In home senior care is a great way to care for the old proactively and effectively. It says everything you need to know about giving seniors care while respecting their privacy, comfort, and quality of life.

If you think this is the right type of service for your family, contact the team at Friendly Faces Senior Care today. Our home care agency proudly serves the Greater Houston area so we can make check-ins anywhere within the city. Get in touch with us today to see if our compassionate caregivers and in home senior care services are the right match for your family.

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