Friendly Faces Senior Care is the best place to get respit care Bellaire, TX. We know how hard it can be to have an elderly loved one live with you, so we offer our top-notch non-medical home care services to meet your needs and the needs of your loved ones. Our team is committed to giving your loved ones respit care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, partnering with other elderly care professionals.

We carefully choose our workers based on their skills, kindness, and dedication. We know that each person has different needs, so we make sure that our home care services fit the wants of each client. We can do everything from being your friend to helping you with personal care and light housework.

respit care Bellaire, TX

Learn more about how respit care can help your family live the way they want.

Why Should You Choose Friendly Faces Senior Care For Respit Care Bellaire, TX?

Most adults would rather stay at home in their later years because they are comfortable there and have fond memories. There is a myth that nursing homes are the only choice; we can bring excellent care right to your loved one’s home.

Feeling at Ease and Enjoying Freedom

At Friendly Faces Senior Care, we are sure that living at home is the best way to be comfortable and free. Seniors can do well physically, socially, and mentally when they are in places they know well.

Individualized Care

Our services make sure that every client gets care and attention that is tailored to their individual needs. This all-around method improves their lives and makes them feel respected, valued, and cared for.


Seniors can have major health problems if they are lonely or isolated. Our caregivers provide real company, interesting conversations, and fun activities that keep seniors socially connected and mentally busy.

What Are the Benefits of Home Respit Care?

Our home care that isn’t medical goes beyond just helping people; it’s a chance for us to change lives. We make a welcoming, kind, and respectful space that encourages honor and self-worth. When you pick Friendly Faces Senior Care, you’re not just picking a service; you’re picking a partner who truly knows and values how important it is to live a good life in old age.

You might feel overwhelmed and burned out if you try to balance taking care of your loved ones, your job, and your personal life. As a family helper, respite care gives you a break for a while so you can rest, run errands, or even take a vacation, knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

As the best respite care service in Bellaire, TX, we are dedicated to sharing your care duties by giving your loved ones caring, reliable, and high-quality help. We are always available to make sure that our old clients get the best care, whether it’s for a few hours, a day, or a long time.

respit care Bellaire, TX

Friendly Faces Senior Care provides respit care services.

What Other Kinds of Home Care Do We Offer?

When you need respit care Bellaire, TX, Friendly Faces Senior Care can help. We offer a wide range of non-medical home care services to meet the needs of all of our clients in the comfort of their own houses. We also offer resources like The Family Room to monitor your loved one.

The caregivers on our team are highly trained and caring, and they always strive to provide the best personalized care based on each client’s needs while treating them with the utmost respect and dignity.

Care for Yourself

Our personal care services help seniors with daily chores like bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, going to the bathroom, and mobility. This makes sure they keep up their personal hygiene and health.

Care for a Companion

Our caregivers offer fun things to do with seniors to keep them socially connected and mentally busy, like reading books, playing board games, having stimulating conversations, and just being there for them.

Making Meals

If an older citizen is having trouble with things like making meals, our caregivers are ready to help. These people can help you plan and make healthy meals, feed your kids, and clean up the kitchen afterward.

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers can’t give our clients medicine directly, but they can help remind them to take their medicines as prescribed. Aside from that, they help keep track of medicines and organize them so that the right ones are taken at the right time.

Light Housework

Our caregivers can help with light housework that the old might find hard to do so that the living space is clean and safe. Some of these tasks are sweeping, dusting, doing laundry, changing bed sheets, and cleaning up areas that are used a lot.

Help with Transportation

If a senior needs to go to the doctor, run a job, or see a friend, our caregivers can make sure they get there safely and reliably and keep them company the whole way.

24/7 Care

It is also possible for seniors to stay in their homes and continue to live and grow because we offer care around the clock. This service makes sure that there is always a nurse available to help the client, which is great for people who need extra care all the time.

Friendly Faces Senior Care’s full range of non-medical home care services are carefully planned to ensure that your loved ones are happy, safe, comfortable, and generally healthy. Our caregivers put a lot of emphasis on building relationships with the adults they help, making sure they can live full lives in the comfort of their own homes.

respit care Bellaire, TX

Having the help of senior care near me can ensure your family gets the support they need despite your busy schedule.

Get In Touch With Us For Our Respit Care Services

We know that in this busy world, you may not always have enough time to give your senior loved one your full attention. That’s why our respite care is made just for you. When you’re not around, our trained professionals will help with things like reminding seniors to take their medications, making meals, being a friend, and light cleaning, making sure they can keep up with their daily routine.

Friendly Faces Senior Care is more than just a group of workers; we’re a family here to help your loved ones live a comfortable, meaningful, and dignified life in their own homes. Please trust us to give them full non-medical home care that takes care of their social and mental health as well as their physical needs. To learn more, visit our neat blog or FAQ page; when you’re ready, call us at our Houston location today!

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