It’s time to get senior care home Houston, TX services that put the seniors first. It’s time to work with Friendly Faces Senior Care. We’ve been helping seniors live their lives in the Greater Houston area since 2010, and our senior care home services can help you next. Whether you need assistance with household chores or daily companionship, our caregivers can be there for you.

What is senior home care?
Senior home care includes various services given to older people in their homes to help them stay independent and improve their quality of life. This can include help with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, and managing medications. The goal of senior home care services is to make sure that the elderly are safe, comfortable, and in a place that is known to them while also looking out for their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Senior Care Home Houston, TX

We provide senior care home services for families throughout the Houston area.

Why are senior care home services necessary?
As family members grow older, there are many options for families. Some families don’t have any problems taking care of their own; others may be separated by distance or have busy schedules that make it more difficult to always be available for the older members of their family. Depending on the circumstances, families can opt for assisted living communities (a.k.a. nursing homes) or senior care home services.

That’s why Friendly Faces Senior Care is here. We help older adults who want to live independently, albeit with little assistance. After all, living somewhere you’re more familiar with is more comfortable than moving to a new environment with more people. If you’re not used to the ruckus, senior living communities might not be the right move.

Everything Covered in Senior Care Home Houston, TX

A lot of different kinds of care are provided in senior home care services to help older adults with their daily tasks and medical needs. Our caregivers help the elderly with things they need to do every day, like bathing, grooming, dressing, and eating. In addition, we help people move around safely and help keep them from falling or having accidents. We’re here to provide you with a helping hand to give families peace of mind when seniors choose independent living rather than an assisted living facility.

Part of this service is planning and making meals for seniors, making sure they eat a healthy, balanced diet. There are also housekeeping services to make sure that the living space is always clean and comfortable. Usually, this means doing the cooking, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and sometimes even simple home repairs. In addition to meeting these basic needs, senior home care workers often help with other things, like shopping, making appointments, and getting to medical checkups or other events.

Another important part of senior home care services is medication management. Caregivers help seniors take their medications as recommended so they can better control their health conditions. Although Friendly Faces Senior Care doesn’t provide medical services, we work with other elder care professionals, such as your family’s doctors, nurses, physical therapists, therapists, etc., to ensure your family has the support they need at home.

Lastly, senior home care doesn’t just take care of seniors’ physical needs; it also looks after their mental and emotional health. Talking to other people and keeping your mind active with games, conversations, and other things designed just for seniors are great ways to keep them interested and mentally active. So, senior home care is a complete, all-around way to help the elderly, putting their respect, comfort, and happiness first while giving them the help and care they need in their golden years.

Senior Care Home Houston, TX

Our Senior Care Home Houston, TX services are here when you need us.

Specialized Care for Seniors

In addition to the usual aspects of senior home care, some seniors may need extra help with their mental health. It’s easy to forget about seniors’ mental health, but it’s very important to their general health.

Specialized mental care for seniors means offering a wide range of services and resources to help with conditions like depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental and behavioral problems that are common in older people. Some of these conditions may make it difficult for untrained caregivers to provide the correct care.

A person usually starts this kind of care with an initial exam to determine their specific needs and make a care plan. This means monitoring the senior’s mental health, any changes in how they think, and any possible changes in how they act. The goal is always to improve their mental health, lessen their symptoms, and improve their lives. Our specialized caregivers might not be therapists, but we’re trained to ensure that your lives are not affected by certain conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Aside from therapy and medication, different exercises and hobbies are also used to improve mental health. This includes activities that improve memory and sharpen the mind. Part of this mental health care is giving seniors chances to connect with others and be involved in activities. This helps fight the loneliness and isolation that many seniors feel.

A big part of specialized mental health care is educating and helping the family. Families of seniors who are caregivers learn more about their loved one’s mental health and how to better support and care for them. So, specialized mental care, such as dementia care, for seniors is an important part of senior home care services. It makes sure that older people get the mental health help they need to age in place and comfort.

Senior Care Home Houston, TX

Call our senior care home services, and we can help you with what you need.

We Can Step in to Help

Friendly Faces Senior Care always prioritizes seniors in our community. That’s why we have a Fall Risk Reduction program that allows us to comb through your home and pinpoint any risks and hazards that could affect your family members’ living standards and safety. If you would like to learn more, call our team today to learn¬†more about our services.

We’re based in the Greater Houston area, so we can drive out to our clients’ homes and help with what they need. Our services are on a “we’ll be there when you need us” basis, whether that’s regular visits or more intensive daily care. We’ll show you how our senior care home services are exactly what your family needs.

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